logoSquareFounded in 2012, NutHouse Graphics provides affordable and high quality web and graphic design services. We listen to our client’s goals and bring their vision to reality. Our services concentrate on the visual marketing of your company. With attention to detail and innovative designs we will establish your creative strategy.

NutHouse Graphics was formed to allow people with mental illness’ to work in a comfortable creative environment and encourage becoming productive members of the community. The NutHouse is where like minded people come together to be creative, inspire and make this a more interesting world.

Kristin ‘kk’ Proctor

When not creating artwork, I am passionate about family history and riding Arizona trails in my Jeep. Born in Tucson, I come from a Southern Arizona pioneering family who ranched from Tucson to Oro Blanco since the 1870’s. I attended the Art Center Design College for Advertising Art from 1999-2001 and graduated from Pima Community College in 2012 with a degree in Web Design.

NutHouse is not meant to be used as a demeaning term. I was diagnosed with Schizo-Affective disorder in 1997 so I have experience with ‘nuthouses’. My personal goal is to change the negative stigma associated with mental illness. I once thought that such words like nuthouse and crazy were negative and being used against this community. Fact is, these words will always be used in our society, they aren’t going away. NutHouse Graphics can be used as a conversation starter. I can only hope to bring positive awareness about a forgotten or ignored disease.

In the end, the NutHouse gave me the tools to recover from my psychosis. I am where I’m at today because I had adequate health insurance and a great support system. Most dealing with a severe mental illness don’t have such things. I owe it to people with Schizophrenia, affective, personality or dissociative disorders to bring awareness to an issue our society commonly ignores or laughs at. I hear voices, I hear their voices.