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01st Jun 2014


Family Photo Restoration

Client: Family Photo Restoration (George, Charles, Frank, Henry) Description: A damaged family photo is brought back to its original 1898 form with PhotoShop editing. The left photo is the damaged...



15th May 2014


The Whiskey Knuckles – New Website

Client:The Whiskey Knuckles Website Description:The Whiskey Knuckles have fused together crisp, aggressive, emotional rock & roll. They are hell bent on bringing alterna-billy in to the mainstream. Their website required...

Festival Website 2014Thm


01st May 2014


Sahuarita Pecan Festival Website 2014

Client: Sahuarita Pecan Festival Description: The Sahuarita Pecan Festival is a Southern Arizona tradition. Held this year on November 8th, it will have delicious foods from across the Santa Cruz...



25th Mar 2014


Watercolor and Ink – The Homer

Medium: Watercolor and Ink Description: Die hard Simpsons fans know this beast. Need a refresher? Check out the Simpson Wiki page for the Homer or the car built for Homer....

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